Marijuana-Related Corporate Data & Business Intelligence
for more effective relationship screening and due diligence

what we do

MRB Monitor provides independent, robust, reliable, and up-to-date corporate information on marijuana-related businesses ("MRBs"). We aggregate unstructured data from hundreds of disparate sources and neatly organize it into a comprehensive, cloud-based database.

We specialize in hard-to-find company information that unravels opaque corporate structures and relationships among MRBs and their beneficial owners (including directors, officers, and executives) and associated businesses (i.e., holding, investment, shell, and management companies). MRB Monitor has established itself as a thought-leader by developing a taxonomy to clearly define and sort MRBs into risk-based categories and typologies. As a result, we have developed a complex relational database of over 13,000 "direct" MRBs, not simply a flat file "mailing list."

MRB Monitor helps clients more effectively identify marijuana-related risk among customer, vendor, and partner relationships and, as a result, avoid unnecessary and costly reputational, regulatory, and financial damage. Our solution also helps to improve operational efficiency by freeing analysts to spend more time on high-value risk research, not arduous data-wrangling. We specifically designed our data-as-a-service to leverage clients' current screening procedures, so no new software, hardware, or headcount is required.

Clients have access to our cloud-based database to:
1. Export highly-structured datasets for use with screening/monitoring software
2. Search, research, and print detailed profiles of marijuana-related businesses and individuals
3. Explore relationship-linkages between businesses, individuals, and addresses


• 13,000+ “Direct” MRBs
• Regulated (licensed) and unregulated (unlicensed)
• Medical and Recreational
• Updated continually
• US & Canada coverage with planned global coverage

Go to Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles

• Contact and unique identifier information for better matching
• Relationship-linkages to Beneficial Owners, Directors, Officers, and Executives
• MRBs are sorted into risk-based categories and types

Go to Easy to Use

Easy to Use

• Works with your current relationship screening processes and software
• Fast deployment with no new software or hardware
• Cloud-based, anytime, anywhere access

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Regulatory and Legal Guidance

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