Marijuana-Related Business Corporate Intelligence
for more effective MRB KYC and EDD

what we do

MRB Monitor helps financial institutions more efficiently and effectively identify and manage marijuana-related relationships.

We are a reliable source for independent, robust, and accurate data and corporate intelligence on marijuana-related businesses ("MRBs"). We aggregate unstructured data from hundreds of high quality, but disparate, open sources and neatly organize it into a centralized, cloud-based relational database.

We attempt to identify, classify and organize all relevant "Tier 1" MRBs and their ownership structures, with the goal of helping our clients better understand the nature (e.g., license type, status, locations) of MRB relationships.

MRB Monitor has established itself as a thought-leader by developing a taxonomy to clearly define and classify MRBs into risk-based categories and typologies. As a result, we have developed a complex relational database of over 17,000 "Tier 1" MRBs, 33,000+ beneficial owners, and 46,000+ marijuana licenses...not simply an Excel "list."

MRB Monitor helps clients more effectively manage marijuana-related risk among relationships and, as a result, realize opportunities while avoiding unnecessary and costly reputational, regulatory, and financial damage.

Our solution helps to improve operational efficiency by freeing compliance analysts to spend more time on high-value research, not arduous data-wrangling. We specifically designed our Data-as-a-Service to leverage clients' current screening procedures, so no new software, hardware, or headcount is required.

Clients have access to data to:
1. Utilize highly-structured datasets for use with current KYC, EDD, screening, and monitoring procedures
2. Search, research, and print detailed profiles of MRBs and their UBOs
3. Explore relationship-linkages between businesses, individuals, marijuana licenses, and physical addresses and more


• 17,000+ “Tier 1” (direct) MRBs
• 33,000+ Beneficial Owners
• 47,000+ Marijuana Licenses
• MJ License Details (Agency, Location, Med/Rec, Type, Status)
• US & Canada Coverage
• Cannabis-Linked Securities
• Anticipated “Tier 2” (indirect) and International coverage

Go to Detailed Profiles

Detailed Profiles

• MRBs sorted into risk-based Tiers
• Details to to facilitate filtering
• B2B and I2B Relationship-Linkages • Extensive, Proprietary Source Document Libarary
• Off-Line Sources Note Otherwise Available

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Easy to Use

• Works with your current relationship screening processes and software
• Fast deployment with no new software or hardware
• Cloud-based, anytime, anywhere access

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